Giving A Pick-tacular Gift Has Never Been So Easy!

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Step 1: Select Your Box

The team at Pickles & Paddles curated 3 Pickleball-Pleasing packages for the Picklers, Bangers, and Dinkers in your life! In addition to making pick-tackular gifts, each bundle saves you 10%! Filled with our most Picktacular Products!

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Step 2: Picking Package Particulars

Around here, we think Pickleball is a BIG DILL! Our gift boxes are curated by Picklers, for Picklers - but we've left the fun part for you! You know your Pickler best, so it's up to you to decide on the products that include color and pattern options!

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Step 3: Make Your Package Personal

Add a personal note ( Congratulations, Happy Birthday!...) to your gift! There's never a bad time to present a Pickler with a present! Make sure to include the shipping address of your recipient.

Build Your Box Below

The mini Pickle Gift Box

This giftbox is made for all occasions! let friends, partners and teammates know you care!


1 set of 4 plastic wine glasses

1 Notepad

1 Kitchen Towel


The Perfect Pickle Gift Box

we believe we have curated A perfect pickleball gift!


1 Clutch Pickleball Towel

1 Notepad

1 Kitchen Towel

1 Medium Tote bag


TheUltimate Pickle Gift Box

the ultiment pickleball gift box, is a great option for those looking for the ultimate pickleball experience. This is has team captian written all over it!


1 Clutch Pickleball Towel 

1 Notepad 

1 Kitchen Towel

1 Pickleball Zip Pouch

1 Pickleball Paddles Laser Engraved Tumbler 

1 Tote Bag 


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Spreading Pickleball Joy! 

hope you get to do something that brings you joy this weekend. For me, joy + play = pickleball. I’m obsessed and try to play four to five times a week. The court might be the only place in the world where I’m fully in the now. - Brene Brown