Give Them The Bird

This bird/serve is all feet - no middle finger required!

Being able to reset balls in the game of Pickleball is a vital skillset for any Pickler's playbook, but if you're looking to amp up your strategy, you've got to develop ways to create momentum-shifting offense - we think giving them the bird is a great place to start!

To get started, put yourself in prime placement - position yourself an inch or two behind the non-volley line immediately after the return-of-serve if you are the returning team. This spot creates a prime opportunity for you to pull the dink or drop shot straight from the air before bouncing! Doing this gives your opponent less time to react and the beautiful opportunity for a descending shot.

Doing this requires BALANCE, so many Picklers strike this blow with inspiration from the Flamingo!

Giving Them The Bird (How-To)

  • · Balance on the left foot
· Extend fully forward
· Use the back leg as a counterbalance - watch that non-volley zone

While we're talking birds, we thought it would be fun to share why those stunning birds stand on one foot. While we're talking about animals, don't forget that Pickles & Paddles has Pickleball merch for man's best friend, too - check out our pickle pooch products here!

May 22, 2023 — Karen Clark