Pickleball - as if the sport itself didn't have a playful enough name, the fastest-growing sport also has fun terminology!


Bert is a term used in Pickleball to refer to a serve where the ball is hit softly and with spin, causing it to drop abruptly and land in the opponent's service court. It is named after Bert Myron, a Pickleball instructor who popularized the serve.


A dink in Pickleball is a soft shot that is hit just over the net with the intention of landing in the opponent's non-volley zone. This shot is an essential part of the game, as it allows players to control the pace of the game and set up their next shot. To execute a dink, players must use a light touch and a short swing. It is crucial to keep the ball low and just clear the net, making it difficult for the opponent to return. The dink is an excellent way to take control of the game and keep your opponent on their toes.


Stacking in Pickleball refers to the strategy of positioning players in a specific way on the court based on their handedness. This allows for each player to have a forehand shot in the middle of the court and helps to prevent the opponents from targeting weaker sides.


OPAA cheer that is often shouted out after the 3rd shot has been hit and open volleying has begun. ​

A server shouts, “Pickle!” to let all the other players know that they are about to serve. 

No, not the Middle Eastern food. A falafel, but a shot that falls short due to hitting the pickleball ball without any power. Also known as a “dead paddle.

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May 09, 2023 — Karen Clark