Introducing People To Pickleball

Yes, yes, yes...for the third year in a row, Pickleball is the titleholder of Fastest Growing Sport in the US, so chances are you've tried to pull someone new on the court with you!

While chances are high that they'll love the game (what's not to love), here are a couple of guidelines for taking a new player onto the court.

Don't play small. While you want to educate (more on that later), you want them to have an accurate representation of the game. It might feel like a lot at the start for them, but they'll understand how much they need to learn and grow if they know what being your partner actually looks and feels like.

Educating a new player about the game needs to start BEFORE you step onto the court. Referencing things while in play will be much easier if you've explained these things outside of the game. Use the resources that you have; there's so much great content that you can narrate and share ahead of time. Plan time to talk about their experience after their first time on the court. Bonus points if you have a Pickles & Paddles waterbottle or celebratory drink, prepared for them!

July 28, 2023 — Karen Clark