On average, 60 new places to play Pickleball were opened each month last year, but we're still seeing people waiting, reserving, and on the search for new places to play their favorite sport!

While a professional court is ideal, we've witnessed more neighbors and friends getting creative with court creation and placement - here are a few ways to play while staying put:

Once people get hooked on this wildly popular pastime, it's hard not to see every space as a court! Check out how creative these students got on their college campus and the effort and investment of people who want the full experience right in their backyard - there's even a show about it!

When you do need to pack up to play your favorite game, Pickles & Paddles has you covered; you can search for places to play here, and our bags are perfect for your gear and life both on and off the court!

July 12, 2023 — Karen Clark