The Pickleball Paddle Tap

Each sport has its own culture, nuisance, and ways they celebrate. Widely and wildly popular are end zone celebrations in the NFL - I think we're all versed in The Griddy by now, right?

Pickleball might not be there yet, but the Paddle Tap has woven its way into the fastest-growing sport in the United States. And why not - Pickleball might just be the most social, fun, and friendly sport we have.

What is the Paddle Tap?

Easy, it is Pickleball's version of a high-five. It is a gesture that conveys encouragement or congratulations. Players stick the handles of the paddles out to the other players’ paddles and give a light tap. It is customary for the tap to be done with the paddle face, the edge of the paddle, or, most popular - with the handle of the paddle.

If you're just getting started, here are the best times to incorporate the tap into your game!

Paddle Tap - One: At the end of a game or match. This sport is insanely friendly and encouraging, so show them that win or lose, you love and respect the game.

Paddle Tap - Two: When your partner shows up BIG! Use the tap when they rallied hard, score an amazing point, or crafted a beautiful shot - TAP IT OUT!

Paddle Tap - Three: Right between a rally. Use the tap to talk - don't worry about words. The Pickleball tap is all you says:

Way to go!
We've got this!
We're doing a great job!
This game is ugly, but we can turn it around!

You get the picture - now go give them a tap.

Beyond the Tap!

There's no reason to believe that a Pickleball celebration dance won't one day make it to ESPN, but we need to give them something to pay attention to!! Here's a little inspiration for your next game.

May 02, 2023 — Karen Clark