Pickleball Beer Can Glasses 4pk (Shatterproof Plastic)

$18.99 $24.99

In Stock.  These Pickleball Beer Can Plastic Glasses are a perfect partner to our crazy popular shatterproof Pickleball Wine Glasses. The Perfect Pickleball Gift! They come in a 4-pack, with each glass having different colored crossed paddles. Sit down after a long day or a great pickleball match with your favorite beverage in these perfect plastic pickleball beer glasses. Lightweight and easy to take with you. 

  • 16 oz. Plastic Beer Can - Made with the highest quality, crystal clear, BPA-free PET polymer – Lightweight – Recyclable – Reusable. 
  • --NOT DISHWASHER SAFE - Hand wash only 
  • Our 4-pack is packaged in eye-catching color-coordinating mesh bags tied with a beer bottle cap.